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Seminar for environmental specialist of the energy sector 

October 8-9, 2019 Radisson BLU Royal, Helsinki 

Adato organised an intensive seminar that gathered approximately forty environmental specialist including Helena Laavi from Chemitec Consulting Oy. Authorities such as the Ministry of Environment, Finnish environment Institute (SYKE), and Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). Additional talks were given by representatives of the Finnish Energy and some private companies working in the energy sector. 

Riitta Rönn was pleased to present the plans of the current government that are heavily focused on environmentala issues. There is a strong will to protect the present biodiversityEija Kemppainen from SYKEn clarified that the falling trend in the biodiversity is to be stopped by the end of the year 2020. 

Sari Rapinoja brought latest news concerning environmental legislationThe ambitious aim is to provide a platform to combine some procedures concerning permits.  

Antton Keto focused on the water and showed alarming figures on the condition of Finnish water bodies. What comes to the sustainable use of water, energy sector can be a forerunner. 

Niina Ahlfors presented some tips of town and country planning that can save time and money through clever scheduling of the project. 

Heidi Lettojärvi from Finnsih Energy summarised the legislation of energy and power plants. She also explained the studies and procedures required in case there is need to turn waste into feedstock.  

Jouko Tuomainen from SYKE reminded the audience about the responsibility in case of environmental damage. 

Sanna Pietikäinen from Tukes summarised the key points of safe and sound handling of chemicals.