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Our approach to high variable mineral ores. By Luis Rudolphy

Ever since I started working in Chemitec Consulting one year ago, I’ve been exposed to different projects in the chemicals, energy and minerals processing industry. In general, the development approach of each project is fairly similar. In most projects, engineering works will begin with a test work phase, in which you look to understand the intrinsic characteristics of the raw materials you have in hand. Once you have a clear understanding of these characteristics, defining the process methodology is rather easy for an experience Chemical of Metallurgical engineer, who will develop a process flow sheet and from there, obtain all necessary mass balances from which you can already start sizing main and auxiliary equipment, as well define process PIDs.

These are the basis for further engineering stages, such as a FEED, a basic engineering, and later the detailed design.

One of the fundamental differences between chemicals and minerals processing project development comes from the fact that part of the minerals processing projects considers ore bodies with high variability in terms of the raw materials to be treated in the process you are designing.

This high variability comes exclusively from the different mineralization that could happen within the same mine. This needs to be considered when producing test results, developing the mining plan and further creating a process flow diagram.

Currently Chemitec Consulting is working on the detailed engineering for a polymetallic lead, zinc, gold and silver project located in the Caucasus. The processing plant that is being developed, will consider a conventional flotation plant that will produce separate lead and zinc concentrates. The end customer has requested as well, that a bulk concentrate can be possible to produce in case the metals prices favour this option.

For this purpose, by utilizing modern computational tools, and utilizing the exact same processing equipment, we have developed a simple process flow sheet that is easily adaptable to address the different mineralogical and commercial conditions that will be required during the operational lifetime of the plant. The design as well was made considering the lack of available area for installing the processing equipment. This work can be executed within a few weeks and in a safe environment.

This forward-thinking approach will help our customer to optimise revenue, avoid miss utilization of resources and operate the plant in a sustainable matter.

In Chemitec Consulting we have extensive know-how in terms of Chemical and minerals processing project development. We can help our customers in a fast and cost-efficient manner with their needs from early process development stages to complete detailed engineering projects.

For further information, please contact our CEO, Luis Rudolphy (+358 40 1972323) luis.rudolphy@chemitec or get in touch with your local representative (