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In Chemitec we are ready to help our customers with our core knowledge in Minerals Processing and Hydro Processes. We have experience and tools to support your needs in all processing steps including Comminution, Beneficiation, Thickening, Filtration, Sampling, Analysers, Leaching and Solvent Extraction

Our deliveries include:

  • Process Development
  • Engineering Services
  • Project Management

We can make available for our customers our strong network of suppliers and vendors in order to support our projects in the most process and cost efficient manner.

Our process development services include:

  • Test planning and Test work
  • Process simulation (HSC, Chemcad)
  • Mass balance calculation
  • Equipment sizing
  • Water handling & treatment
  • Cost estimations

Chemitec has an experienced inhouse team in different type of mineral resources and minerals processes. We utilise modern tools to develop optimised process for our customers, taking in consideration:

  • Maximised process performance in terms of recovery and target grades
  • Process and Technology reliability
  • Capital and operational costs
  • Environmental and social aspects

  • Basic and Detail engineering
  • Procurement of main process equipment
  • Automation and Instrumentation

We can deliver from basic design of a process unit to complete detailed engineering for minerals processing plants. We work utilizing modern BIMs

Our experienced team can help customers to procure main and supporting process equipment. Our in depth knowledge of OEMs will get our customers the best deals.

We work in partnership with a network of experts to deliver complete solutions to our customers

  • Project Management
  • HazOp
  • Commissioning and Start-up services

We have experienced project managers that can develop and execute the project in time and within budget

We can also offer complete HazOp studies for projects, where we have the right skills, training and certificates to identify and mitigate project related risks.

Our team as well has long experience in operations, so we are ready to support customers commissioning and start-ups of mineral processing plants.