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Process Engineering

Specialist in chemical engineering and process industry

We have full expertise in chemical and process industry. Our strengths are all-round experience and understanding the process at hand as a whole, which leads to bringing the client reliable and usable knowledge from both technical and economic aspects. 

Our company can respond to demanding consulting and design needs in the wide field of chemical engineering and process design. Our customers are companies from many industries including chemical, mining, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.  

We  use modern simulation tools, such as ChemCAD to analyse and design your processes. We have experience on large scale and smallscale process simulations. We perform individual unit operation simulations, such as rerating of heat exchangers, and full process simulations including several process steps. 

Crystallization is one of the process technologies that we can design for you. The scope of the crystallization task can be the main product of your process or a Cleantech application to treat your waste streams and minimize liquid waste streams.   

We have several references of crystallization processes as main product, such as Sodium chlorate production, or crystallization as waste water treatment, such as Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System Design. 




We at Chemitec master the thermodynamics related to distillation. We are ready to serve solutions for your distillation task no matter if you get your product from top, from bottom, or from the middle of the column. We are familiar with special applications such as reactive distillation, azeotropic distillation and design a suitable distillation column for batch, semi-batch and continuous production. 




Our knowledge is in:

  • Comminution
  • Flotation
  • Physical Separation
  • Thickening
  • Filtering
  • Sampling
  • Water treatment

Obtaining the best value of minerals requires deep knowledge and industry understanding. We have a solid experience in the process industry that includes studies, design engineering, project management and procurement.

Chemitec is recognized leader in the field, having delivered several projects for the mining industry. We use the best available tools for process design (HSC and ChemCad) and our process experts are ready to support your needs in terms of:

  • Conceptual design and studies
  • Engineering and design
  • Project management
  • Technical Support
  • Procurement

The world and especially the transportation technology is shifting towards low-emissions producing vehicles which include batterybased technology. We at Chemitec are ready to serve you with our expertise on battery manufacturing process starting from refining the battery metals into the forms that can benefit battery manufacturing industryWe can also help you with your process to produce active cathode precursors. 




To get process heating and cooling well done is a good starting point for focusing more detailed process engineeringWe at Chemitec can perform minor calculations, such as re-rating heat exchangers to larger projects such as simulating the heating and cooling systems and selecting the proper heat exchanger type for your heating duty.