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Our Team

Luis Rudolphy

M.Sc (Tech.) CEO, Sales Director

+358 40 1972323



With over 15 years of experience in the process industry in terms of sales and management, I'm ready to support our customers by looking for the most cost efficient services.
I have been involved in sales and project implementation for large minerals processing and chemical industrial projects.

Tiina Piira

Lic. Sc. (Tech.) COO, Chief Designer

+358 50 5852627



During my career, I have developed and designed many processes from a concept to commissioning phase both for whole new processes and smaller process units. I am an expert in reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, risk analysis and permit documentation.

Markku Ollakka

M.Sc. (Tech.) Energy Expert

+358 40 7069357



My fields of expertise are heat recovery from flue gases and designing flue gas scrubbers for example for sawmills and heat and power plants. For a number of clients, I have prepared documentation for participation in European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) since 2005.

Helena Laavi

D.Sc. (Tech.) Process Expert

+358 95 021034



I have strong competence in chemical engineering. I am capable of sizing unit operations as well as in of calculating material and energy balances for processes. Furthermore, I precisely and efficiently compile permit applications.

Risto Seppälä

M.Sc (Tech.) Energy Expert

+358 40 9651748



Power plants and district heating plants are my specialty. I have strong knowledge in designing and implementation of heating-only and heat and power plants. I am well familiar with different types of boilers, processes and fuels with their requirements, especially biofuels.

Muhammad Nasrullah

D.Sc. (Tech.) Energy Expert



My fields of expertise are development and design of industrial scale waste to value processes based on circular economy. I design waste to value related new production facilities and optimize the efficiency of existing plants.

Erlin Sapei

D.Sc. (Tech.) Senior Process Specialist

+358 50 4369600



I have extensive technical expertise in chemical engineering combined with industrial experience and decade of scientific expertise. Throughout my career, I have proven success in managing projects at the stage of scaling up from laboratory, pilot plant development phase to commercialization. Specialist areas include separation technology, recycling, and green technology.

Pelin Altinkaya

D.Sc. (Tech.) Senior Process specialist

+358 40 5863355



I am an experienced metallurgist with a strong background in Hydrometallurgical processes. My expertise includes flow-sheet development, process simulation, mass and energy balancing and process design.

Michael Haas

M.Sc. (Tech.) Senior Process specialist

+358 40 5759200



I am a metallurgist with a strong focus on mineral processing. My background includes experience in the management of test work programs, processing plant audits and commissioning, as well as process simulation and sizing of equipment.
I have worked with a multitude of different ore types including copper, gold, iron, phosphate and lithium ore.

Hilkka Pastinen-Kurula

M.Sc. (Tech.) Process Engineer

+358 40 7268643



As a specialist in bioproduct technology, I am responsible for process development and planning and performing our experimental work. To mention one of our current projects, we have participated in a program of the Government of Finland to promote the recycling of nutrients (RaKi) with development of our biomass treatment method.

Ava Parvasi

M.Sc. (Tech.) Process Engineer



I am a chemical engineer and chemist. I have experience working in the petrochemical industry in the Middle East, so I have a strong background in process engineering. My areas of interest also include waste-to-energy, thermodynamics, kinetics, and solving complex problems.

Jaakko Seppälä

M.Sc. (Tech.) Process Senior Expert (External Consultant)


46 years experience in studies, projects, and operating concentrators in the area of base metals, chromite, iron, bauxite, gold, silver and industrial minerals – apatite, phosphate, limestone.
Experience of cooperation with customers, end users, suppliers of equipment, chemicals and technology, research laboratories and authorities.
Types of experience; operating plants, projects and sales technical support; mill operation and maintenance manager, development engineer, plant metallurgist, project manager, project engineer, project metallurgist, sales technical support engineer.

Pirjo Laulumaa

M.Sc. (Tech.) Microbiology Expert (External Consultant)


From my study time I have been interested specially in microbiological processes and have worked in this kind of projects since the 1990s. So, I hope I can still participate to do the best possible solutions for bio-waste processing. Working in the best team is the best work.

Hossain Ahmed

B. Eng. Business development and Project Director (External Consultant)


Key expertise on service innovation and design. Over 6 years experience on Project Development and Finance.

Olli Tunkelo




As a Summer Trainee at Chemitec I am doing general assistant tasks and going through project archives. I am studying chemical and process engineering at Aalto University.