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Biogas Tool

Chemitec develops a new free Biogas Calculator supported by Business Finland Funding

Chemitec Consulting Oy has developed an online Biogas Calculator tool. The biogas calculator is related to anaerobic digestion of waste and specifically designed to calculate the biogas production related parameters for small to large scale processes. The development of the biogas calculator tool was financially supported through a Research and Development related project by Business Finland.

Our online Biogas Calculator is made freely available on the webpage of Chemitec Consulting Oy. The biogas calculator is simple to use and gives preliminary estimation results on the followings process parameters:

  • Biogas production
  • Energy production
  • Sizing of bioreactor
  • Investment costs
  • Revenue generation

The Biogas Calculator makes it readily available to calculate quickly and smoothly the most interesting specifications of biogas production processes. As input information to the calculator, it only requires the type and amount of biowaste as feedstock to the process.

The concept of the biogas calculator tool is based on anaerobic fermentation process of biowaste feedstocks. It calculates the potential biomethane production for single and combination of two different types of feedstocks of biowaste as input material to anaerobic fermentation process.

To address the complexity of biomass processing, diversity in the feedstocks, and optimization of the feedstock ratio, Chemitec Consulting Oy has also developed an in-house biogas calculator tool to consider detailed aspects of biogas production. The in-house biogas calculator tool is developed to give optimum solutions to the critical challenges faced by the potential customers interested in biogas production business. Based on which the tool is developed consisting of separative parts that cover more detailed calculations based on customer’s process design criteria for the biogas production, biogas plant and equipment sizing, equipment investment costs, energy, and power production.

The Research & Development work performed in developing both online biogas calculator and in-house biogas calculator tool has improved the Chemitec’s capacity and expertise in biogas field. and furthermore, increased the scope of our services in the field of waste to value developments.

We value our customers, and the reliable results and sustainable solutions are a key to our shared success.

The tool can be found in the following link: