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Chemitec Consulting Oy

Chemitec Consulting Oy is an engineering company specialized in chemical engineering, process design, energy industry, and environmental technology. We offer consultant and engineering design services in projects of all scales.

Our projects have varied from single small consulting tasks to responsibility of the entire design, engineering and commissioning of chemical and power plants. For cases where mechanical engineering, civil engineering or some other engineering disciplines are needed, we have a network of good and reliable cooperating companies. See our business portfolio or our reference lists.

We constantly update our knowhow by participating in training and education events.

What are our areas of expertise?

  • Defining processes, equipment and control systems for the chemical industry
  • Process simulation and thermodynamic calculations
  • Procurement planning and consulting for heating and CHP plants
  • Simulation of flue gas scrubbers and heat recovery
  • Automation and electrification
  • Wastewater purification processes
  • Energy technology
  • Material and energy efficiency
  • Evaluation of environmental aspects
  • Environmental permit applications
  • Emergency plans
  • Calculations for profitability and economic efficiency
  • Plant design

Read more on Chemical engineering, Energy technologyPermits and Waste to Value.

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